Want to get an instant delivery without logging into the crofflr website? Use the new instant delivery triggers. An instant delivery trigger is a special link that can initiate an instant delivery for your account without going through the usual authentication. You can use it as a bookmark or in a custom script to get a fresh e-book on demand. If you like, you can create your own scheduler using a service like cron-job.org.

All you need to do is to go the crofflr configuration and create an instant delivery link in the Schedule section:

Press the Create instant delivery link button to create your personal link:

If you want to invalidate the link, just press the Reset link button to generate a new one.

Tech facts: When you trigger the link and everything is OK you will receive a response with HTTP status code 200 and the string OK in the response body. If something went wrong, you will receive a status code 500 and a more or less useful error message.